$699.00 Transportation Included

Direct Cremation Services include:

  • Initial transportation of the body from a  Orange County location to our licensed refrigerated holding facility in Anaheim, CA. Please call for pricing in other counties.  
  • Caring for the body prior to cremation.
  • Preparing the death certificate and permits.
  • One (1) Certified Copy of the Death Certificate.
  • One (1) Disposition Burial/Cremation Permit (Health Department Fee).
  • California State Regulatory Fee (State Tax).
  • Coordinating with the local medical examiner/coroner if required.
  • Administrative assistance for communications with the responsible parties.
  • Managerial support to supervise and document the process.
  • Does not include any County Coroner fees should they apply or transportation back to coroner if needed.
  • A cremation container made of approved material, in which the body is placed for cremation.
  • The cremation itself.
  • A hard plastic container (Urn) for the cremated remains.
  • General scattering at sea or cremated remains or may be picked up at our office 



Immediate Need

We are available by phone 24 hours a day




1835 S. Lewis St. Anaheim CA 92805 



General Price List

We offer Pre-planning

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance allows you to take your time in deciding how you would like to be celebrated after you’re gone.  It also lets you give invaluable peace of mind to your family members by removing the burden of making those personal decisions during such an emotionally difficult time.  Explore how pre-planning can be a meaningful and valuable process which helps to those you love and removes any doubt about your end-of-life wishes.  

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